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A brief history of the design of children's car safety seats
Jun 28, 2017

At the beginning of the 20th century, cars began to grow in popularity in developed countries [2], but the rapid development of cars was after World War II. In particular, the development of the highway, so that cars over the train, become the first major mode of transport. The ensuing traffic safety problem has become more and more prominent, which has aroused wide public concern. How to solve the traffic safety problem becomes a big problem.

Adult safety belts, airbags have come out, saving countless lives. According to statistics, wearing a seat belt can reduce the death of 46% and 67% of the likelihood of serious injury, in the United States can therefore reduce the death of 10,000 people each year. All vehicle safety facilities are designed for adults. The car seat belts are still the ideal traditional safety protection, but the seat belts can sometimes be fatal to children. Take the three-point seat belt for example, because the height of the seat belt is not adjustable (the front seat belts of some high-end cars can be 0-20cm height adjustment), the design is almost according to the average height of the adult design. Because of the child's skeleton, when the car collision, rapid reduction in speed, the human body will be due to the great inertia and forward, at this time, the diagonal cross the body's tough seat belts may cause children chest rib fracture, suffocation and even neck fracture risk, while adults in this area is much less dangerous.

Also, airbags are unsafe for children. Airbags are designed for adults. During the crash, the inflated speed is very high, so the gas is inflated in a matter of milliseconds with a nearly 100-liter airbag. The airbag is likely to hit children with sufficient force, causing serious damage. According to statistics, in 1999, the majority of the 150 people killed by airbags in the United States were children.

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