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About car Front visor
Jun 28, 2017

Front shade is not too many varieties, generally has aluminum foil and non-woven fabric of the two. Aluminum foil generally divided into ordinary "light plate" type and pattern type, the size is generally 60 130, suitable for most small cars. The use of aluminum foil insulation with suction cups is convenient, after the expansion, with suction cups in the front windshield glass or in the rear window can be.

In the less hot season, the color pattern can be placed outward, if the weather is very hot, it can be aluminum foil outward to ensure that reflected sunlight. In the selection before the sun shade, it is best to choose with suction, material texture to be a bit more hard. "Light plate" type or too cheap front visor itself is not quite enough, it is easy to fall down, so do not covet cheap. Generally have a brand of front-shading packaging materials used better, there is a special place for the suction cup, sucker is not easy to squeeze bad. The poor brand nine-way sucker is squeezed out, the remedy is to put it in boiling water for a while.

If the front window of the car is relatively wide, the general front visor is blocked, you can choose two pairs of, this shade like those jeep types are covered. Some vehicles have no shading at the top of the front window and can be affixed with a windshield. Can beautify the vehicle, can also play a part of the function of shading.

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