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Car Measurement Sun Visor
Jun 28, 2017

When driving in summer, the sunlight coming in from the side window is quite good. Paste the general effect of the film is not very ideal, will still bask in the skin perm. Below to compare several side shading.

1. Ordinary gauze net type side shading block. This type of sunshade is generally with two suction cups, or a suction cup in the middle, its advantages are easy to take down, but the problem is that when the window to shake down, it may touch the suction cup, especially the only two suction cups of the side shade, it is easy to fall down.

2. Electrostatic side shading. The electrostatic side-shading is better than the screen-type shading effect. Unique mesh-air translucent design, will not let people have stuffy and closed feeling. When pasting to note, it is best to paste the bottom of the window into the seam around 5cm, so that there will be no shaking the glass when the electrostatic tape roll up the situation. When not in use, the electrostatic paste directly pull down, wash with water, and then with a smooth paper roll up, can be reused later. To buy static stickers should pay attention to, to ask whether the material is soft or hard.

Some manufacturers have poor use of materials, do out of the product is hard, like cardboard, new products open when the static sound of a small, this electrostatic paste used for a long time, the absorption force will soon disappear, thereby falling down. Other also need to note is that the size of the car window should be based on the appropriate size of the electrostatic paste, too small will reduce the shading effect, too big will block the rearview mirror view, purchase should pay attention to see clearly the product description.

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