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Children's safety seats are differentiated according to the type of fixation
Jun 28, 2017

1. European Standard ISO fix mode: European sales Model with this interface as standard configuration. Advantages: The installation of the most convenient, disassembly one minutes, hard caliper higher strength can more effectively limit the safety of the seat in the car accident displacement. Cons: Safety seat on the top of the unrestricted, accident prone to tilt forward due to inertia (can improve the seat back structure stiffness or other methods to alleviate);

2. United States standard latch fixed way: latch fixed point than ISO fix one, altogether three. Advantages: It solves the problem that the top of ISOFIX is not fixed, and because of the non rigid connection, the position of the anchor point of the car seat is very broad. Disadvantage: The installation convenience is slightly less than the ISOFIX, because the soft connection rigidity is insufficient.

3. Seat belt Fixed mode: Use the car seat belt to fix, GM in the world any car with seat belt configuration. Many child safety seats sold in the country are supported only in this way. Advantages: Do not need a dedicated interface, a wide range of applications, reverse installation convenience, the price is relatively cheap.

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