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Common analysis on isofix interface of baby car seat
May 30, 2018

Safety seat interface plays an important role in overall safety of children car seat.From the perspective of impact test, many seats in the market can pass through, so it is not necessary to elaborate which seat and isofix interface structure is safer here.Today, we still analyze safety seats from a cost perspective

Isofix interface structure with the highest cost -- integral steel frame embedded:

This kind of interface structure is widely used in injection parts. One is that the injection parts themselves have a high cost, and there is a certain premium space to cover the cost of the embedded isofix interface of the monolithic steel frame.The other aspect is that the modular structure of injection parts and the one-piece steel frame can give better safety performance.The embedded isofix interface structure of one-body steel frame has its own characteristics in the market, and its functions are generally similar to each other. The following are listed below:

Many consumers have little chance of seeing the interior, so take a look at the exterior:

It can be roughly seen that the injection parts are of this type. The isofix interface is treated like this, which is basically the isofix interface structure of one-piece steel frame.

Secondly, the high-cost isofix interface structure -- built-in scalable isofix hard interface:

It is widely used in blow molding products, which has a lot to do with blow molding technology. Blow molding is integrated, and the structure is relatively compact, and large components are not easy to be implanted.As a whole, it is embedded in the shell, and isofix, a common structure in the market, belongs to the category of hard interface.

Low cost isofix interface structure -- external mounting folding isofix interface:

Injection molding and blow molding products have appeared on, using the main reason is that on the one hand, compared with the above two itself low purchasing cost, on the other hand, when the production of the seat is finished is relatively convenient, also can save the productive cost.(as shown in the figure below, the strength point is marked in red and the whole body is exposed on the outside.)

Deceptive isofix interface structure -- soft interface:

All right, not to mention that, let's go straight to the top, and you can imagine it for yourself.(originated from the American latch system, introduced China's innovative design!)

The above is the common type of isofix interface for children's car safety seats in the market. I believe you have a general understanding of the type of isofix interface.When choosing a child safety seat, still need to consider a variety of factors synthetically, here we do not elaborate.

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