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Discussion about two items safety car seats about Britax
Dec 22, 2017

Discussion about two items safety car seats about Britax

1. Introduction of Britax

British Britax was founded in 1938 and which is specilized in the research and manufacturing of hgh-quality children products.

 Britas is the first selling factory in the world and it is the choice of European Royalty. Price William use baby-safe plus SHR. Each item of Britax has certificates like 3C and ECE.


When talking with Britax people, they told me that the standard of 3C and ECE is the basic Pass line. Actually they require more when compared with ECE. Generally speaking, the safety performance is higher than the standard.

2 Baby-safe plus SHR

This item is used from 0-13kg and about 0-15 months. Which means after the birth of baby, we can choose this item.


For this item it has performance as follows

1) It is installed rear-facing with 3 point harness seat belt, after installed we should tighten the seat 3 point safety belt so as to avoid the seats shaking

2) It has sun-shade cover which can prevent sunshine outside in Summer.

3) During the installation, we should keep baby in the safety seat  first and then installed in the car seats

4) When we wash the cloth we can choose  washing machine according to the instructions.

5) Briax provides changing new one if 10Km/ hour car accidents happen.

3. Advansafix II SICT

It is suitable for the baby from 9-36kg, about 9 moths to 12 years

This item adopts cushioning material EPS ,safety cloth material and plastic, ABS and 5 point harness seat belt, specific listed as follows:

1) For this item adopts 3  levels fixing measures-Isofix, top tether and 3point harness seat belt, especially for top tether which requires your car has top tether archors, see pictures attached.


2) In order to meet children's height at different ages. The seat is separated into three groups.


3) The incline degree of the seat  is adjustable for 3 position so as to update the comfortable degree.

4) Patent technology PIVOLINK.

5) There is additional SICT device when compared with I generation and it has the function of absorb the smash energy and upgrade the safety performance.

6) For 18kg to 36kg group, now it is applying for another patent technology Secure Guard for children who use 3point safety seat belt . This patent will decrease 35% attack on the abdominal.

7) The cloth cover can be washed by washing machine.

8)Britax provides changing new service free for the 10km/hour accident.


4 Conclusion

Britax is the old brand and high-end manufacturer among the safety car seats. The quality is ofcourse no problem. You can choose according to your choice.

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