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Five fatal errors in the installation of baby car seat
Apr 23, 2018

Each year nearly 4,000 children died in traffic accidents!

According to the annual report a wave travel peak also make traffic congestion, collision and also, the road is slippery due to rainfall snowfall in winter, coupled with the use of mobile phones while driing, navigation, such as causing the accident rate rising, a year more than 100000, the number of deaths from road traffic road injury amounted to 500000, according to data shows, children without using safety seat cause accident death rate 2.19% higher data (2013), the car child occupant death toll as high as 3994, an infant death probability is higher, in almost all of the involved in infants and young children accident, received damage are more or less.

The proportion of safe seats installed by parents is 36.1%.

With the rise of the middle class, urban young parents are for car safety seats, a new user account for 95% of the population of purchase, purchase people cannot judge the quality of safety seat, installation does not understand, led to the incorrect erection.Report shows that only 36.1% of the proportion of the first-time user installed correctly, the interface structure and poorly understood and backward seat belt protection knowledge, the average level of knowledge is behind Europe and the United States is mature users about 20 years or so, and this report referred to in the ECE R44 car regulations version of the 1995 have a consistent alignment.After 20 years of users in Europe and the United States, Chinese talent began to pay attention to the safety of children.

The report points to five deadly links in the safety seat.

However, there are five major problems in the error installation, covering more than 90% of the error examples.It is important to understand these five points to avoid potential security risks.

The seat belt installation is not worn from the indicated position.

Safety seat installation is divided into three categories, a seat belt installation, isofix interface installation (Europe), as well as the latch installation (USA), the highest rate of seat belts installed wrong operation, because of its complex installation, go not unified line position...All become potential installation failures.The qualified safety seat has a complete safety belt indication system, with red marking (as well as the buckle) to prevent accidental damage.

Incorrect posture (no reverse setup/flat position for 9 months)

Reverse installation has been used to the limit of industry personage proposal, that is how old can sit to sit to a few years old, so it's bigger, which requires safety seat size so powerful development group 0 to reverse take seats, 12, technology breakthrough point in the future.Reverse installation is particularly important for baby protection, and the use of isofix and latch straps is also a key recommendation in ECE R129.Can be judged by the following illustration, the reverse installation is not completely flat!This not only does not have the advantage of decomposing the impact with the back, severe will appear the cervical vertebra fracture!In high speed collision, lie on your back before the baby's head high speed impact, the shoulder belt is locked in the opposite direction, then one tear force is huge, even without a seat belt, head into the shell, the consequence is unimaginable.A lot of bao ma bao dad wants to buy the safety seat that can completely lie down, know oneself ignorance can bring how much harm to the child!The safety seat must be an l-shaped structure, allowing the baby to have a slightly raised back to bear the brunt.Lying in a sitting position is not harmful to the child, while the absolute level is safe.The children's safety seats in beoko have been analyzed from a large number of test data to make a reasonable Angle, which is significant. It is believed that the scientific attitude and the rigorous testing of the engineers should not be carried out by themselves.

Do not wear down jackets in winter.

Many mothers worry that the baby will be cold and will wear layers of thick clothing, but this will reduce the friction between the child and the seat belt.Fortunately, this is not a lethal element, and the scary part is wearing a down jacket on the seat.The down jacket fabric is smooth, the structure is fluffy, the child will slip out of the safety seat after the emergency or collision, and it is extremely unsafe.The cold weather can turn on the air conditioning, cover the blanket, and the child will be more comfortable.

Blow molding (HDPE) adjustment.

Material HDPE blow molding table and chair Angle adjustment because of the disadvantage, parents often in the waist thicker cloth pad to make their own decisions, there are also parents feel the five point seat belt is too tight, will be very loose, even between parents is on the sofa seat backrest and car into populated, this scene let foreign engineers, on the degree of worry about China's mom and dad.Isofix is actually linked structure, car isofix anchor is a square ring, locking, before and after the pick up after around slightly shaking threshold, but as long as the lock at 3 o 'clock, there is no problem, and a variety of filling and feel good about themselves "tips" often force changes to design good seat, seats and helmets, only packages and constraints to protect children, seat matters within the firm, outside seat to lock.

The shoulder belt is moved forward.

Many parents are wondering why safety seat straps not freely adjustable, all seats are actually this kind of design, in order to make straps over the shoulder or slightly side before all the time, children to protect the accident more stress on the shoulder, move the shoulder to the chest can be said to be counterproductive."Kyle r&d engineers said super shield universal shield will be 1.5 times more fabric here, additional in the inside of the silicone antiskid article, make sure they enough buffer," survival details could be the decisive moment."

Above is about safety seat use wrong way, treasure mom treasure fathers must follow the principle of science, to understand the principle of safety, believe that the r&d engineers and collision test data, test results, after all, major research institutions and crash test institutions summed up experience - is to give you the worst are thought of.

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