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Five misunderstanding during install baby car seat
May 07, 2018

China's safety seat penetration rate is very low, about 1.9%, so most buy seats are for the first time user, so many parents buy back the product pack began to hurry up, but it was not long before, will send out a lot of questions.Some of the questions are obvious product quality issues, but some of them are misconceptions about safe seat products.Here are five things moms often misunderstand --

Why is there a bubble in my safety seat?

Some mothers buy back seat, you will loose the cloth to see the inside of the material, for most people, is can't distinguish the material difference between PP and HDPE material, for example, EPS and EPP, mom with many years of life experience, will find some strange place, first when is the head support "suspected bubble".

Actually this is for safety seat one of the most common misunderstanding, consumers see bubble is the most common type of shock absorption material in the racing field EPS (ExpandedPolystyrene), the reason will be misinterpreted as a bubble, because they belong to the family of Polystyrene (Polystyrene), EPS is reinforced materials, but has good shock absorption function, the material contains 300 to 6 million per square meter independent airtight bubble, EPS can be modified to change performance, often used in formula one racing helmet, car body,Even BMW audi's bumper sticker has this material, but it's often sprayed with black paint, which is not easy to spot.

Child safety seat for baby.

2. Why can't my safe seat sit on the baby?

Foreign safety seat brand into the country often encounter word-of-mouth landslide, especially many mothers received seat will be disappointed, because find safety seat is too small, sit down completely, but returned overseas online shopping products are usually unable to return, so safety seat just idle, lead to spread of "safety seat useless theory".There are two things that foreigners may not know about, the first is the "super-thick swaddling" plot of Chinese mothers, and the other is the old idea that "we must be comfortable".

Actually seats and motorcycle helmets, ultimately it is occupant restraint, is gear, you won't see the baggy helmet stay on his head, or instruments skydiving the body when constraints are a bit loose.Safety seat requires tight so a bit, but it happened that Chinese mothers couldn't put the baby into a ball, clothes layers in three layers, the waist leg sometimes months baby preach the clothes can catch up with four or five years old children wear light clothing, and four or five years old children sit seat is need to remove the five point seat belt, so this time the problem comes: 5 months baby waist like 5 years old, this time 5 point safety belt is to go or not?

So this kind of problem is very good: seat belts are need collarbone, crotch bridle to protect baby, wear too round cannot bridle, so the clothes need to wear a bit less, and then build a quilt, air conditioning can play.For newborns, another point is that too much space can have a second collision, also is very dangerous, elastic moderate for baby seats needed to provide parcel feeling and safe sense, if you really want the space is large, advised to choose a 0 to 12 large span seats, filling, the fabric will have a certain thickness.

3. Why did my safety seat move?

If you open the comments below each of the safety seat products, there will be parents complaining about the wobble in the safety seat.In fact, the truth is that almost all of the safety seats are wobbly, and the difference is in the type of safety seat.The safety of the safety seat has only one criterion, which is the actual collision test, and the collision (acceleration or deceleration) in the collision laboratory can truly replicate the scene of the accident.

Many early use of seat belts binding, can have the effect of protection, especially now hard interface (isofix + latch) installation seat, seat to install know belt or soft links displacement is great!Whether the sloshing is within a reasonable threshold is a point worth caring about.

In general, took a hard plastic + metal frame + the seat of the interface, the highest degree of stability, safety seat of rock mainly from three parts: 1. The isofix interface and isofix anchor the displacement between the threshold.Because the isofix standard interface is a hook, the isofix anchor point of the car is a metal ring, which is attached to the metal ring and can be moved up and down.2. The seat is a function of the precise structure of complex, between the each activity will also has a certain range, so as to realize several functions in height, slope and even rotation, final seat is not monolithic either.

If it's really going to move, there's no other way to do it than to weld a metal throne in a car.The best way to judge the way is to let the seller's engineers sell the product and then check it, usually if there is a security risk, you don't need to say that they are more anxious than you.

Child safety seat for baby.

4. Why can't my shoulder stretch?

As the name suggests, since the name is called the shoulder belt, it must be on the shoulder, why should it stretch to the chest?In fact, the shoulder strap is a good thing to protect the shoulder, synergize, avoid the flat and flat seat belt, and lose the meaning of protection.Some parents think that the shoulder strap is worn around the neck, and you don't even wear a helmet.Safety is always the first consideration.

If the baby grew up the space is not enough, five point seat belt can be stretched, shoulder strap can also be moved along with her head high, but the straps onto his chest or remove, really do bad things "nice" typical, to put an end to!

5. The baby does not want to sit in the safety seat, is it possible to use it?

If you choose the most unanswerable question, the question can be ranked first.If you don't think about the innocence of your child, you really want to answer: yes, you don't need a safety seat for your logic, but can we not pit the child?The importance of safety seats to child protection has been consistent since the last century, but there are many reasons why children don't want to sit in a safe seat.The children are not fit, the safety seats are poor, the children are different, and the baby is in a temper.

Baby safety seat is constraint tool, however, some conflict is normal at the beginning, parents need to shoot induction, after all, children don't know the terrible of the traffic accidents and casualties, parents can't follow going.There are many ways for children to accept, for example, the sooner a new baby sits, the better.Talk to toddlers about the benefits of safety seats;Give him a sense of his own place;Moderate physical induction;Find a sleeping spot for your child to arrange a trip...

All in all, the baby has a patient job, until one day the baby gets into the chair and goes to sleep, the mothers free their hands spring is coming!

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