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Four tips on how to make baby love baby car seat
Apr 10, 2018

Baby car safety seat is designed for children with different weight (or age). It can be used to keep children in safe seats.But baby  do not like to be bound and often refuses to sit in baby car seats.How do you get a child to sit on a safe seat?Here are four tips for your reference.

The first step: Try to keep baby make friends with safety seats.

Some children resist safety seats because they are "not familiar" with the safety seat, and even think it is scary. They will be tied up and lose their mother's hug.

So, the first thing parents should do is to let children become friends with safety seat,  taking their children to go to select seats,  as a children's new toys, and stressed that this is the baby's exclusive chair, let the children to adapt to a period of time, some moms said tried one or two months later, the baby is very adapt to, also be willing to take a seat.

Step 2: Always keep baby in safety seat 

If the baby cries in the safety seat, the parents will be very painful to let the child free, then hold in the arms, in fact, it is not good for the child to adapt to the safety seat.If it is a year old children may also good, but after one year of age, especially after 2 years old children is actually understand a truth, parents should tell their children not to do this chair can't ride.

And, of course, which is not to say that the more severely education of children, but make the child understand this step by step, you can start with some short journey, tell a child to sit on the chair will soon be able to go where to play, if the children really don't want to take a seat, you can consider not to drive, they just have to sit on the car a car's safety seat.

Sep 3  Transfer your child's attention.

Many parents use distracting this recruit, some singing children's songs to the child a story and some play games with children, and even some see tablets to the child, but the objective is to transfer the child's attention, and the effect also is pretty good.

It is important to note that the methods used to divert attention are very important, and if the method is not good, it may encourage the child's bad habits.For example, it is harmful to the development of the eyes to distract the child by electronic products.By diverting attention from the car, you can develop bad habits in your child's car.We should learn from the better practices: for example, some parents will let their children watch some safety driving education films, and then make corresponding parent-child games with their children when they ride in the car.For example, some children are equipped with a toy steering wheel, and when the car is launched, the child will drive himself, and the child will feel that he is driving.

The fourth move: the security principle is indispensable.

It's important to have a child's safety awareness, and if the child is aware of the danger, it's not far away from the safe seat.Parents have to do is actually often tells children, such as can take children go out to sit bus, because the bus often shake, if you don't sit well balance is likely to fall, can let children feel the body shaking, and the chance to tell him the safety knowledge.As long as parents often seize the opportunity to make sense to their children, the children will gradually have a sense of safety.

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