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How paying attention to use baby car seat in Summer
May 28, 2018

The weather is getting hot. When driving with children, parents always worry about their children getting hot or blowing air conditioner to cool them down.So how paying attention to baby car seat in Summer?

In the summer use child safety seat, have what after all exquisite

1. Try to avoid taking your baby out in the heat.The baby's body development is not complete and the ability to withstand high temperature is limited. Therefore, it is recommended not to go out at high temperature to avoid the baby from getting heatstroke.

2. Turn on the car air conditioner in advance.In order to avoid the baby get in the car difficult to adapt to the car after high temperature, parents can turn on the air conditioning in advance before go out, the first to cool the car, such as after a comfortable temperature, then the baby get in the car, fixed in a safety seat.The air conditioning temperature should not be too low, 24 to 27 degrees is appropriate.

Safety seat fabric must be breathable and sweat-absorbing.Most parents are concerned about the problem of safety seat will be hot it with safety seat materials has a lot to do, some fabrics look thicker, or a sense of velvet, but actually, permeability is good.Such as Mr O fabric requirement is very high, use breathable, absorb sweat of high-grade fabrics, is a good way to relieve stuffy, plus air conditioning cooling, although look very hot, but in fact, it is very comfortable.

4. Equipped with seat mat MATS.Some owners will spread mat on the car seat cushion in the summer, to maintain a comfortable feeling, part of the vehicle child safety seat brand will have the special mat mat, parents may choose according to the actual situation, and the use on the seat, let baby ride away from the heat.

Protect yourself from the sun and cool down after parking.The safety seat should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. If you park your car in the sun, it is best to use a sun shield or a towel to cover the safety seat.In order to avoid when the child rides the car again, the overheated safety seat directly touches the baby's skin, causing discomfort.

Finally, summer baby ride, because the car air conditioning, mat, seat all affect the baby's body feeling, parents should pay attention to observe, flexible increase or decrease in clothes, can touch your baby's hands and feet, if not cool to the touch, baby wearing is moderate.

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