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How to choose baby booster car seat or elevating safety seat for baby above 4 years old
Apr 03, 2018

As everybody known,  car will be equipped with car seat belts, air bags and other facilities installation, but because the cause of the children's height, the safety facilities for children and can't protect, may even cause harm to children in the accident.So children travel by car and need to use their own safety seats.

Children over 4 years old, because of their height relative to infants and children, have changed greatly, can not use the safety seat of the five-point seat belt.There are two types of safety seats used by children in this stage, one is the elevating safety seat, the other is the safety booster cushion.The safety increase pad and the enhanced safety seat can enable children to use the seatbelt in the vehicle normally, so as to avoid the damage caused by the rollover and collision in the collision.

Increased increased type safety seat cushion function, more than a layer of protection wings, but increased more portable, smart, can be used as a temporary travel, or short-distance travel city entry-level safety equipment.As a similar function, but with slightly different safety seats, how to choose?

YKO baby booster car seat  solves a lot of practical problems, such as two-child travel, two safety seats are placed in the back row, and an adult is needed in the middle.For example, in a taxi ride, there is an extra cushion in European taxis, and it is difficult to prepare a conventional safety seat, both in terms of cost and space.For example, go to the field trip car, go to school carpool to pick up the baby, the height cushion is the best choice.

The function of booster car seat is simple and easy to understand:

First, we mentioned above baby booster car seat so that the child can use the car seat belt normally.

Second, through the chair body and armrest, further guide the car seat belt in the children's body position.Protect the chest, abdomen and neck of children.

Although the safety principle of baby booter car seat seems simple, it is not possible for any general manufacturer to produce it.  According to the testing regulations of the safety seat, such as the European ECE regulations, China's CCC test of France, ad higher in the test pads rupture, forward slip is too large, the overall is still some resistance to flip the lack of products.

Which security is better?

European institutions in order to verify this problem, do a series of crash tests in the laboratory, in frontal crash test, for now the eu's safety seat ECE regulations give two of the most core security standards - chest synthetic acceleration < < 55 g, the head displacement 550 mm to see:

1. The synthetic acceleration of the dummy on the increase pad is about 35g, and the head displacement is between 300mm and 400mm.

2. The synthetic acceleration of the prosthesis of the elevated safety seat is around 40g, and the head displacement is around 430mm.

The increase pad in the collision test achieved better results!

Children over 4 years old, safety increase pad and elevation safety seat are you right?

According to the analysis of experts, the increase of the height pad in the frontal impact is better than that of the higher model, mainly for the following two reasons:

1. Low inertia of booster car seat 

When using a booster car seat, there is no backrest, so the child's head is initially positioned closer to the car seat, making it harder to contact the front seat in the collision.

2. The children who take the booster seat are further from the front row.

When using the booster seat with backrest, the car seat belt needs to be fixed with the booter seat  and dumpsters at the same time, which means that the inertia is greater, and the car seat belt needs to bear more force.The resulting collision requires a longer shift to tie up the children.

Although ECE seats now in the European Union rules and regulations, 15 kg - increased about 3 years old children can use mat product, but according to the experience of a large number of practical use show that the height above 110 cm increased children is more suitable for the use of pads, one is children under 110 cm in height, even with the increased mat, it is hard to correct use of seat belts, the second is more perfect, older children's bone development in children aged 3 or 5 point safety belt is better.As for the children above 130cm, it is recommended to use only the increase pad, not to use the booster seat, not only the price is expensive, but also takes up precious back row space, the child is not willing to sit.

Finally, summarize the options:

Children 0-4 years old: a child safety seat with a five-point seat belt and a reverse installation function.

Children aged 4-12:

Option 1: use an elevated pad to allow children to get the same protection as adults in vehicles.

Option 2: use an elevating seat for extra side protection.

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