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How to choose baby/child safety car seats according todifferent car models
Nov 29, 2017

 The application of safety seats are different according to different models. The safety seat is mainly divided into three types: seat belt installation, ISOFIX interface installation and LATCH interface installation.Installation is applicable to any car seat belts, Isofix interface installation way is the European standard, it uses the card button to install, very convenient, Latch is American standard, on the basis of Isofix increased bolt belt, there are three points around it.The following is a detailed description of how to select a child safety seat based on the car.


1. Seat belt installation

This kind of installation method is versatile, almost all cars can be installed, as long as the car seat belt is installed according to the specified route.This mode of installation is more difficult than the other two methods. If you prefer simple operation, you should choose isofix and latch mode.

2. Isofix interface

As can be seen from the figure, the seat back and cushion joints have a seat sign, which indicates that the car is equipped with the isofix interface and can install the isofix interface safety seat.

3. Latch interface

Added a trace on the isofix points, as shown in figure, except at the bottom of the middle isofix have latch interface at the back seat, if see the logo in the back of my car, can install latch means treasure treasure mom dad car interface seat oh, and because of the latch is compatible with isofix, so have a latch interface car isofix type seat can also be installed.



4. Conclusion:

Three kinds of installation method without the comparison between the good or bad. Some operation is  simple some but some slightly more complicated, but as long as it is passed the related testing, qualified safety seatcan be at ease of use, but which must be done according to the directions and then installed.

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