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How to choose child car seat
Apr 26, 2018

Startling of ministry of public security issued  data as follows:  Because of the traffic accident every year more than 18500 children under the age of 14 deaths, mortality rate is 2.5 times that of the western countries, traffic accident has become the first cause of death among children under the age of 14.If child safety seats are installed, the highest rate of child mortality can be reduced by 71%.

Mothers use of safety seat now pay more and more attention to, but safety seat selection problem has always been a headache for novice mother, so many choices, the price also is ranged from several hundred to several thousand, what is good for you to choose?For me, the institute of women, the study of safety design (including crash test) is very interested in, and I have professional research is the artificial intelligence field, also involves the part of the study of human body engineering, so I demand for child safety seats in addition to the most important security, also must be comfortable, conforms to the baby body design, I was really play spirit, do their own research study is a long time.Today, I'm going to try to make the most of it, and I'm going to talk to you about the most important criteria for choosing a safety seat.

1. Find out the type of purchase before buying: look at age weight and interface mode.

Let's start with: age and height.

All safety seats are based on the child's age, height and weight.Basically, the safety seats can be divided into five groups:

- 0 -9 months (baby lift)

- 0 -4 years old (two-way seat)

- 9 months -4 years /12 years (forward seat)

- 4 years -12 years old (pad)

The upper limit of the use of the safety seat is basically 140cm in height and 36kg in weight (Eva is about 10 years old).Because more than that, the child sits in a seat that is cramped, and can use a seat belt like an adult.So don't just use your baby's age to choose a safe seat, but to combine height and weight.

As for the newborn baby is to use a basket or a two-way seats, I feel or see the needs of the mother, because compared with several other types of seats, safe shopping basket use time is shorter, generally to 15 months, the "price" is relatively low.But the basket also has a big advantage, it is the flexibility, for example, the baby is asleep in the car, we can unload the basket directly to carry home, don't lift the baby to lift the baby.

Important reminder: children from the seat to the use of seat belts, it is important to note that because the child is not enough, a seat belt in the accident will be le to the neck and the abdomen, there is a risk the (normal use is just right to the chest and across the department, so some parents give their children directly with higher mat to keep children's safety belt position right).There is a simple way to judge a child by using a seat belt correctly: see if the seat belt passes through the bone.The straps are confined to the chest (that is, the rib) and the hip is the pelvis.If the position becomes neck and abdominal cavity, then it needs to be adjusted.

Some parents with higher directly after Eva 4 pads, heighten pad is also a simple safety seat, but its side without protection, for the baby, more comprehensive protective safety seat.

Again: interface mode.

The interface is to say that the safety seat is fixed in your car, which is the first thing to be sure. Your car decides which interface to choose the safety seat, otherwise it will not be used.

Three interface methods: European standard ISOFIX fixed mode, American standard LATCH fixation and traditional seat belt fixation.But the LATCH's car can carry a seat with an ISOFIX interface, but not the other way around (because ISOFIX lacks a fixed point)!.

The advantages of the ISOFIX interface are high rigidity connection strength, easy to loosen and easy to install.The German car is usually this kind of interface, that is to rely on the rear part of the seat to connect directly to the slot in the seat, belonging to the hard connection.Basically, all cars after 2012 have the ISOFIX interface.

The ISOFIX interface of the rear seat.

The biggest difference between the LATCH interface and ISOFIX is the fixed way.The connection mode of LATCH is connected at the same time, the fixed point is one more than ISOFIX, there are three.

Secure with a seatbelt, general motors.The advantage is that the price is cheaper, not the model, but the installation is more complex, the stability is not as good as the interface.Used mothers have experience, can drill into the car around a half-day sweat, not necessarily around the right.

At present, domestic automobile manufacturers and seat manufacturers must provide ISOFIX fixed interface seats.According to the data, the installation accuracy of the safety seat is improved by 96% with the ISOFIX interface.So if you want to ask: I would still say that you can buy products with the ISOFIX interface as much as possible.But make sure your model supports ISOFIX.

2. What are the safety considerations?

Safety seats, the most important selection criteria are of course safety, appearance level is also important, can be considered as collateral.Just remind mom not to use appearance as a first choice, choose a child safety seat, or be rational.

1. The right choice and installation may be more important than the seat itself.

There are three interfaces, none of which are more secure, but it is important to note that you must install them correctly.I'm really worried about this, because many of us have the same personality, and the seat belt should be around the right way.You asked him he wasn't sure.

Especially safety belt fixed seats, because in the process of practical utility, seat belt fixed seat error rate is extremely high, such as seat belts around the fault, no tension, this is to use caused great risk.The criterion for judging whether a seat belt is tight is to see if the seat is still shaking and not very tight.

In addition, it is recommended not to choose products across age group and weight.For example, the safety seats of many brands can be divided into 4 years and 9 months to 12 years old. Which seats will the baby buy in 9 months?Many mothers will choose cost-effective has been used at the age of 12, but in fact - 4 years old might be more suitable for baby in comfort, such as seat adjustable Angle is bigger, such as the use of reverse take longer, and so on.So you can't just think about it in terms of cost performance, but the actual situation of the baby.It's also better not to use a second hand seat, because you don't know if it's an accident or an ancestral seat.

I'm going to say that in the first place, if you already have a secure seat, consider the key to its proper installation and use.

2. Newborns up to 9 months old must choose seats that can be installed in reverse.

Because the cervical vertebra is not fully developed, if the baby is sitting in the bike, in case of emergency, the inertia of the car will cause the baby's head to move forward too much and cause harm.So babies from newborns to nine months of age must choose seats that can be reversed.However, if possible, extend the reverse installation time to maximize protection.

9 months to 4 years old babies need to be installed, but there are two prerequisites for a forward installation: the first is that children weigh more than 9 kg;The second child can sit up on his own, both of which are indispensable.

Is a five-point seat belt or a front protector?Each has its merits, but it is necessary to consider the use habits of the baby.

The safe seat of the baby is fixed in a way that is now mainly five - point seat belt and front guard two kinds.

5 point safety belt, there are five fixed point is, the child trunk full fixed on the seat, once the collision (or brakes), child body basically will not be thrown, trunk overall will not be any damage, however, because there is no in front of the head is fixed or protect the retainer, inertia, head forward, but the trunk are fixed, so the impact of the neck will be relatively large.

The front protector, which is equal to the front panel, ACTS on the thigh and abdomen to restrain the baby.Child body has the certain scale and curved space, once the collision (or brakes), child body presents certain bending, and through the front buffer to protect the body, the neck by the impact of fewer than five point.But in a rollover accident, because the front guard child's shoulder is not fixed, it may slip.

So the front forward is better against the frontal impact, and the five-point harness is better.But the front guard may be tied to a fat baby, and it's not easy to dress in winter.And there are a lot of babies who resist the front.So I personally recommend a five-point seat belt, and I buy a five-point safety seat for melons.

As for the five-point seat belt and the three-point seatbelt, which is safe?They don't have a safety comparability, because by the rules, children 9-18kg in five-point, 15-36kg in three points.

4. The material of child seat, whether breathable, flame retardant is very important.

The reason many babies don't want to sit in a child's chair is that the child's chair is uncomfortable, and it's a little sweaty.So the consideration on the fabric is very important, is it breathable, flame retardant, wear-resistant, and does it contain harmful substances?It's all a point of view.

In addition, good children's safety seats will be filled with high-quality EPS materials, while poor children's safety seats will only use ordinary foams.EPS is currently the lightest packaging material, can act as a buffer, shockproof, is a good energy absorption device.

5. Whether through domestic 3C certification and international certification.

At present, the world's most important child safety seat certification level is ECE r44/04 in Europe and ADAC in Germany.But the safe seats that can be sold in China must also be certified by 3C domestically, so the general brands will have both international and domestic 3C certification.

Here are of special note is, ECE R44/04 standard application for nearly 30 years in Europe, in 2013, in order to improve children's travel safety factor, introduced the latest European I - Size (also known as the ECE R129) instead of ECE R44/4 standard.It is currently the new law applicable to ecer44/04, and it is expected that in 2018, the i-size will replace ECER44, becoming the only safe seat travel standard in Europe.

In addition, we can refer to the detection of third-party testing institutions, such as the authoritative German ADAC test.But it doesn't test every seat, it's sampling.

Each country has different requirements for the use of safety seats for children, such as the most stringent requirements in Germany, which must be used before the age of 12 years before reaching 150CM.Italy is under the age of 10;Japan, like South Korea, is under the age of six.In our country, Shanghai, shandong and shenzhen have also used private cars for children under 4 years of age, which must be compulsory.It is also possible to believe that other regulations are in place.

It is far more dangerous for children to sit in a safe seat than to wear a seat belt.In the event of an accident, the chance of a child not to be surprised, with a 1% chance of working with 10000%.We are too confident about our abilities before we meet them, and we can't afford to make up for it afterwards.

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