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How to choose safety baby car seat
May 31, 2018

The child safety seat is an indispensable equipment for the baby to travel by car. There are many factors to consider when selecting a suitable child safety seat for the baby.So, what about the safety seat?What are the precautions for installing the baby safety seat?Check out how to choose a safety seat and some installation tips from the beoko child safety chair.

The safety seat of children's car is defined as a kind of seat designed for children of different weight (or age). It is installed in the car and can effectively improve the safety of children.

Mandatory standards European ECE R44/04 (Netherlands) is defined as: can be fixed on the motor vehicle, seat belt with ISOFIX interface component or flexible components, regulating mechanism, attachment child safety protection system, etc.In the case of car collision or sudden deceleration, the impact pressure on children can be reduced and the physical movement of children can be limited so as to reduce the harm to them.

To know what good things can be fake in China, child seats are no exception, as long as you can make money.Don't be fooled by a lot of introductions and reviews online.Since September 2015 in domestic sales of children go through national 3 c compulsory certification, products from overseas also passes through national 3 c certification, and the general inspection of products will have a national 3 c logo, can after purchase of products through the national quality certification center for the query.

Bamboo head shock-proof and fixed clasp

All say car security configuration, child safety seats are more attention should be paid to, first of all, is the head shock filler material, filler there are mainly two types of EPS and EPP, there isn't much difference on the effect of shock absorption and, from the vision distinguish, EPP for light, and EPS is inferior smooth.In terms of cushioning effect, EPS effect is better, consumers can open the surface for inspection when purchasing

Another is the children's seat belt, here will need to check whether the card buckle is loose, whether the joint seam is larger, "violence" to test a few times more at the same time, pull over and over again to check clear.

Beef fabric type

This is the most contact with children, which directly affects ride comfort.You can smell when the choose and buy, pull, press to check the seat fabric, smell is through check seats have a sharp taste, try to choose "no smell", breathable and comfortable, the child seat;Pull and press to check the softness and elasticity of the fabric.

Precautions for installing child safety seats

1. To determine the criteria by which the product is made, the ECE- r44/03 standards are generally followed for products commonly seen on the market today.There are also instructions for applicable seat belts, which generally meet the UN/ECE16 standard or other equivalent three-point or retractable car seat belts.

2. The age range of this product should be clearly defined.Read the instructions carefully before installation and use, and do not require any modification or addition of components to the seat, otherwise it may seriously affect other safety and functions.The child safety seat must also be secured with a car seat belt when the child is not loaded.Even if not in the car, the child in the seat must always be secured by the harness.

3. Children should not be left alone in the car seat or unattended.If the child safety seat is damaged in the accident, it should be replaced in time.

4. Don't let the buckle be semi-locked.

5. Do not expose the seat to corrosive substances.

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