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How to figure out interface of baby car seat
Apr 12, 2018

The reason for this is that I've just been babbling away for several time. Recently I wanted to buy a safety car seat, but I was thinking about changing my car.  I don't know my  safety seat interface, but when I decided to buy one I  interface?and you can't just buy a safety seat!

Child safety seat for baby.

Children's safety seats are classified according to fixed methods. There are three types of seats available on the market: ISOFIX fixed mode, LATCH fixed mode, and three-point safety belt fixation.

ISOFIX fixed mode: it is the standard configuration of models sold in Europe and mainland China.

Isofix fixed mode.

Advantages: the interface adopts the underneath type fixed calipers, hard calipers intensity is very high, can more effectively limited safety seat in a car accident of displacement, and the most convenient to install, dismantling a minutes, very flexible.

Disadvantages: the top of the safety seat is not fixed. If there is a car accident, the seat will be tilted forward due to inertia, but it can be slowed down by improving the rigidity or other methods of the back structure of the seat.Safety seats that support reverse installation are expensive and expensive.


LATCH fixed method: is the American standard fixed way, it is more than ISOFIX an anchor point, fixed point is three.

Latch fixation method

Advantages: solve the problem of no fixed point at the top of ISOFIX, and because of non-rigid connection, the anchor position of the car seat is relatively broad.

Disadvantages: installation convenience is less than ISOFIX, and the third fixed anchor point is not rigid.

The three-point seatbelt is fixed: a car seat is fixed, it is a car that can be used, and the most popular child safety seat in the country supports only this fixed mode.


Fasten seat belts.

Advantages: any car with a seat belt in the world can be installed without a special interface. It is widely available and supports reverse installation.

Disadvantages: it's quite a job to install up, can't do along with it, flexibility is not strong, relying on the base of the friction and limited tied to the car seat belt, lead to seat themselves in the car accident happened larger displacement, and can cause half permanent damage to the seat belt in the process of installation, use for a long time resulting in further affect the safety of the seat, seat belts damaged in use after a period of time, safety seat becomes loose kuang, users need to manual tightening security to secure seats on a regular basis.



When buying a child seat must see their own bus interface, make full use of the configuration of the car, if there is no interface to seat belt type, don't give me the smaller partners, their car to have interfaces, has bought a tie safety belt seat, even dare not hurt.

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