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How to identify the child safety seat skeleton
May 23, 2018


The skeleton is a child safety seat cover (including chassis).How important the shell is, it is like building the foundation, the foundation is solid, the building is built tall, strong, durable.Old Chinese medicine says, the person this pair of bones is father and mother give, a body of flesh is oneself later eat, but congenital insufficiency, the life quality must be affected.For example, it's like a child safety seat.

You can buy children's safety seats, whether online or in physical stores, often with dozens of products.You should pay attention to its side and rear, and you can see the skeleton of the children's safety seat. There are basically three or four colors:

The dark light

Plastic skeletons differ in colour because of the different materials used.

High density molecular material.

White and light color plastic, adopts high molecular materials, more raw material, the material without adding any secondary recycled plastics, non-toxic tasteless green, uniform texture, scratch resistance, heat resistance, strong impact, because of the impurities to show its natural color.

The black and dark, are renewable materials, adding recycled plastics, mixed with sundry, quality is light, strong toughness, impact is weak, more time, do bottom go to, also prone to scratches, and because the dark appearance, impurities are easier to hide.

Through the above comparison, we first judge the advantages and disadvantages of the skeleton: white and light color, which is better than the black and dark skeleton of adding recycled plastic.So, choose the child safety seat, as far as possible the light color frame.

Of course, also have the black or brunet skeleton that USES native material, take care of also will be more convenient.Just impurities mixed with plastic frame, after high temperature, sun and cold weather everyday wear and tear, antioxidant will weaken, plastic shell brittle and fragile, security cannot be guaranteed, uncertainty increased, the use fixed number of year, once in an accident, protection effect is at a discount.The light-colored children's safety seat is also good for long-term use because of the high density materials, molecular stability and antioxidation.

The price of a share, regardless of black and white, usually the higher price is more of the original material.The combination of the above points, and the price factors, can be used to judge the skeleton.The price of raw materials from different quality is changed, which is an important factor restricting the price of children's safe seats.Raw materials are expensive and expensive.Small make up suggestion is that as far as possible choose raw material skeleton, the child safety seat is best to store physical experience, have a look, to choose one, after all, ranging from a children's safety of life, and be careful.I hope I can help you.

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