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How to judge the fabric of safety baby car seat
May 25, 2018

Right now in development of car seat, its security without redundancy, but the particularity of safety seat use object, need all the necessary things should be suitable for the baby contact, safety seat fabric is also a lot of evaluation institutions evaluate the important parameters of a safety seat, seat fabric produced is very exquisite, so Mr Europe division safety seat of small make up here from the point of view of safety seat fabric said safety seat fabric of choose and buy.

YKO baby: safety seat fabric selection is good or bad identification

1. The fabric is non-toxic and non-irritating

Children using any of the things, safety is first, and a lot of cheap seats on the fabric do not conform to the specifications, so that parents choose and buy safe seats to see is a national mandatory 3 c certification, query the certification number, or a safety seat that source is unknown, its surface fabric contains formaldehyde, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, etc., the former will cause allergies, which causes skin cancer.

2. Comfortable touch

The skin of the baby is delicate and incomparable, so coarse fabric is sure to pass directly, only that kind of fine fabric, feel comfortable.When your baby is old enough to go to kindergarten, consider buying breathable mesh fabric, which has good abrasion resistance and a soft liner inside.

3. Air permeability

Speaking of breathable fabrics above, because the child sitting on top, easy to sweat, but the baby's skin to keep dry, if it is easy to skin born prickly heat in summer or eczema, so good breathable fabric is very important.

4. Fabric flame retardant

Flame retardant fire protection this is the requirement of safety seat fabric. It prevents secondary damage when accidents happen. Therefore, flame retardant is a very important standard of fabric.

5. The fabric is easy to disassemble and wash

Good seat cover, easy to disassemble and install is necessary to keep the seat clean.

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