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How to pay attention to infant carrier baby car seat
May 10, 2018

Many parents choose to hug their baby instead of using safety tools. This is a risky behavior.YKO baby carrier provides security for baby travel between 0 and 15 months.

At present, children's safety seats in China are very low, less than 1%.Although there are already individual city legislation, there are relevant laws and regulations, I believe that you will know more about car safety seats.Today we're talking about a basket of safe seats, the baby's basket.

YKO baby infant carrier baby car seat

Newborn baby baby is very soft, so take them by car is wrapped by, then travelling in her arms, so the protection of the contrary, the effect was less than protection, instead, making the baby bear potential danger, this time if the brakes, the baby's head is heavy, it is easy to cause the baby bumps, causing serious damage.

So baby car must use shopping basket safety seat and take back on installation, the baby body lateral lying within the shopping basket, can obtain natural support also is an advantage of using the largest baby basket by car to the baby more secure, because mother holding the baby by car is actually quite dangerous, in case of traffic accident, the baby will be affected by the extrusion of the adult body, or easy to fly out from the seat belt gap.Some babies use a safety basket consisting of two parts, a portable carrier and a base.The base is tightly fixed in the back seat of the car, and the infant carrier is stuck on the base.This method makes it safe to take a baby, and it is convenient to get on and off.

The baby carrier has two separated and integral parts.The separated infant safety carrier does not have a corresponding fixed device, which is fixed in a car seat by a chassis.The integrated baby safety carrier can be directly tied to the car seat.Separate safety baskets and integral safety features are as follows:

In terms of convenience, separated safety infant carriers are easier to carry than integral ones, but considering the safety, the overall safety basket is slightly better.In the domestic child safety seat market sells the safety carrier, mainly still with the integral type.So the parents take the baby out and make sure to use the car seat and pay attention to the reverse installation.

Benefits of a baby basket:

1. Recommended for infants under 1 years of age, mainly as a transitional stage for safety seats.The baby carrier needs to be installed in reverse, fixed firmly, once the emergency brake and so on, can very well restrain the baby.

2, Infant carrier is not very heavy which can be carried out and can also put on the baby car to carry out.

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