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How to recognize the certificates of baby car seats
Jun 06, 2018

If you're ready to start buying safety seats, be sure to know the internationally recognized safety seat certification.Like these certification for safety seat of the exam, showed by the safety performance of this seat is qualified, certification bodies will send the seat a little red flower (labeled certification).Now YKO baby car seat  will introduce you to several common certification standards.

Child safety seat

ECE certification in Europe

Its full name is the United Nations economic commission for Europe (ECE) automobile code, and ECE certification is the certification of safety standards in this set of regulations.Among them "ECE R - 44/04" certification is child restraints set up specifically for certification, mainly for the crib, baby carrier, child safety seats, these products and vehicle child safety seat is within the scope of this certification.This set of standards for children to head protection, seat belt binding capacity and other aspects of strict provisions.

It is worth mentioning that the ECE r-44/04 certification standard is only a common standard, and the corresponding security standard should be referred to different countries in the eu.Therefore, there is also a number after ECE r-44/04 certification, such as E1, E2, E3, E4, etc., which represents the national security standard certification applicable to which country.As Germany and the Netherlands two countries for child safety seat certification standards of recognition is high, and the two countries and advance of the child seat safety standards work, therefore with E1 (Germany), E4 (Netherlands) standard products are generally considered a higher reliability.

Child safety seat certification

German ADAC certification

ADAC, the German automobile club, is the largest automobile club and group in Europe.Difference between global 50 km/h speed of other institutions, ADAC is at 70 km/h on vehicle speed under the condition of test, in the event of a front, side, or by train, according to the stress of the child safety seat and the damage rating, therefore the ADAC is often referred to as the world's most rigorous certification standards.

ASTM certification

ASTM, short for the American Society for Testing and Materials, is the world's largest organization for setting voluntary standards.It is one of the top recognition certification standard in the United States, is not mandatory certification standards for products and brands, a lot of brand agent will take the initiative to do the United States ASTM certification, in order to achieve the purpose of marketing.

China 3C certification

September 1, 2015, our country implemented the child car seat products 3 c compulsory certification, obtained the certification of children's car seats may not be the factory, sales, import or use in other business activities.Domestic children's car seats 3 c test projects including static test, dynamic test, combustion test and toxicity test of four, on the mechanical and physical strength of the seat, seat belt is strong, for example, seat, seat belt can absorption performance such as the security situation.

In addition to the above four common certification standards, as well as some convincing degrees higher safety seat certification, such as Germany stiftung warentest certification, certification of TCS, Switzerland and Austria oamtc certification, Germany TuV certification, the United Kingdom Which best buy certification, the Czech republic DTEST certification, French bacra certification.

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