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How to wash cover of baby car seat
Apr 17, 2018

Child safety seat as a child safety products, often and children intimate contact, therefore not only to buy the baby close skin fabrics, the child safety seat and use after a period of time will give child safety seat cloth to clean.So how do you take it apart?

Today, a detailed explanation is made of the teardown of the children's safety seat in beoko.

The baby's safety seat covers all the baby's skin-friendly fabric, so the baby can rest assured on our safety seat.

How to remove child safety seat cover?

The first step is to remove the seat belt and shoulder strap first.The second step is to remove the bushing: some of the cloth covers are locked, which can be easily removed.If there is no lock, it will be relatively troublesome.

Child safety seat for baby.

How to wash children's safety seat cover?

Cleaning cloth:

Remove the cover from the car seat.

Wash the cloth in cold water.

The cloth cover is laid flat, and the cloth cover is put up to prevent deformation.

Cleaning card:

Remove the clasp according to the instruction.

2. Rinse the buckle with warm water.Do not use washing powder to soak the clasp not to use soap or laundry detergent.

3. Close the clasp, test with the hand, and then untie it again until there is no problem.

4. Dry the buckle with a towel and reinstall it to the seat.

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