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Is five point safety baby car seat better than front protection type
Jun 11, 2018

For  long time, the young parents is confused in choosing safety seat when I was lost in the tangle of infinite, sitting with the baby how comfortable, having to buy what style, what is due to use front pretection or five point belt , the child safety seat manufacturer,

Five-point safety belt:

The five points of the safety seat is a seat belt fixation technology. The five points are two points on the shoulder, two points on the waist, one point on the crotch and one point on the abdomen.This way the seat belt is fastened to the buckle between the legs through the shoulders and hips on both sides.The seat belt can be attached to the baby's pelvis, shoulders and chest.In the event of an accident, when the child moves forward within the range, the right seat belt can be tightened to "hold" them and block their displacement, while dispersing the impact force so as to protect the baby.

Five-point safety seat

One of the advantages of a five-point seat belt is the ability to diffuse the impact.The five-point fixation can dissipate the impact force in five directions at the same time to minimize the accumulation of power, transfer the external force from the child, and prevent the child from being hurt in the impact.While the shoulder pad absorbs a large impact force, its anti-skid feature can also reduce the baby's forward and head displacement and avoid head injuries.

The second advantage of the five-point seat belt is that it can handle multiple impact situations.One of the biggest features of the five-point fixation is the ability to cope with more complex collisions in different directions, such as front, side, rear-end collisions and rollover.At this point a variety of vertical, horizontal or deflecting force may enable the baby sliding out or thrown, and of the five point seat belt shoulder straps and across the belt is to avoid these risks, baby can be firmly fixed in the seat.

Front guard fixation:

Invented in the 1990s, it ACTS on the thigh and abdomen to restrain the baby for protective purposes. The material is usually EPP.

One advantage of the front guard is that it does little harm to the baby's neck.Before the baby is 3 years old, the spine is not mature enough. If there is an accident or emergency brake during the journey, it may cause some harm to the baby.The child safety seat using the front guard is applied to the child's waist and abdomen.So in the case of emergency braking, the front guard can reduce the impact of baby's leaning forward and protect the baby's spine.

The second major advantage of the front guard is the large space and high comfort.The front guard fixation method can create more space for children to move around, free the upper body and hands of children, and free body movement.

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