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Is it right to buy safety baby car seat with large age span
Jun 14, 2018

Different seat is suitable for children of different ages, there are suitable for the 0-9 months, is suitable for 0 to 18 months, with age 0 to 4, longer even have 0-12 years old.Obviously, the 0-12 model is more cost-effective for consumers, but if you can reach the age of 12, why should you have a 0-4 year old seat or even a shorter age span?Wouldn't it be better to choose a safety seat with a large age span?Today, YKO child safety chair manufacturer will discuss this problem with you.

Age is not the only criterion, and height and weight (how to choose a child's seat based on weight) is the most accurate.Parents can choose and buy according to the height of the baby, weight and age to consider comprehensively.Span size, security slightly different, comfort slightly different.Although the safety seat with a large age span will have certain adjustment and adaptation function, many protection designs are designed for children of both ages.So there's a problem: for older seats, at the minimum age, the child doesn't get enough support to sit in, so the child doesn't get good protection.Conversely, if the child reaches the maximum age, the seat will appear crowded and the child will reject it, which will affect the comfort level. Then the safety seat will lose its significance and value.

If children need often travel by car, buy a smaller age span, because the more small age span, is designed to be more targeted, details on baby's physical and psychological needs more accord with the age, such as the use of car seats, for newborn lie low amplitude is large, fabric more soft, absorbent, breathable, modelling is modelled on the mother's arms, and let the baby more secure, reverse installation is safer.When the baby grows up, change the car seat accordingly.

According to the most detailed and the division of science, I think a child growing up in all three car seats, respectively is a new student, 9 months to 3 years, 3 years old to 12 years old, the child safety seat in the different age groups can be the most professional protection.

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