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Is second-hand safety car seat available for baby
Jun 04, 2018

Child safety travel more and more get the attention of parents, in real life, however, some parents think to buy a new car seat isn't cheap, will choose to go to find a second-hand car seat, thinks secondhand car seat can make do with use.But is it true?Facts have proved that the use of second-hand safety seats will bring many safety hazards.If you do not understand the following issues, do not use the second-hand child safety seat easily!

Child safety seat

1. Is the product specification still available?

As many people know, different types of child safety seats have different requirements on safety, maintenance and cleaning.Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using the safety seat, and thoroughly understand the use of the seat, in order to use the child safety seat correctly.Incorrect use of the safety seat may cause the baby to face a more dangerous situation, causing irreparable harm!

2. How long has the seat been used before?

The child seat skeleton is based on protoplastic, and the skeleton has a life cycle.In the extremely hot and cold environment of the car, the skeleton will age and become brittle over time, and the safety will be reduced accordingly.It is understood that the maximum life of the safety seat is no more than 6-7 years.If the seat has been in use for a long time, the safety of the chair may be compromised, Biuco Biuco warns.

3. Is there any missing parts of the seat?

Some of the more careless parents, the safety seat has been idle for a long time, may lose some of the parts.Some parents remove seat belts when their children grow taller and don't keep them properly.The function of the children's safety seat is a big discount.Every missing part of the safety seat can be a potential hazard, threatening the baby's life, Biuco beoko said.

4. Have the seats been hit by a traffic accident?

It is well known that the most important function of the safety seat is to protect the baby from the traffic accident.In the process of the accident, some parts of the child safety seat are deformed to minimize the force, so as to truly protect the baby.But these parts are in a sense disposable products, after the accident this part will not play a protective role.Biuco beoko warm tips: if it is a child safety seat that has experienced a serious traffic accident, it is not allowed to continue to use.

Finally, remind parents, in order to the security of children, do not covet is cheap to buy like a time bomb used children's car seats, but a new, high safety coefficient of choose and buy as Biuco bei European brands to ensure product quality child safety seats.

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