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Judging the difference from baby and adults from baby car seat
Apr 25, 2018

Children need special child safety seats to protect their lives, because their bodies are smaller than adults and are not suitable for direct use of protective measures designed for adults.Proper car seats can save a child's life in an accident.

The main differences between infants and adults are:

1. Different proportions of the body -- the baby head is larger and the limbs are smaller;

2. The main organs of infants are in different parts;

3. The baby's bones and muscles are not yet mature;

Babies are more vulnerable than adults.

Look at the main differences between infants and adults from child safety seats.

Child safety seats are designed to protect vulnerable parts of children at different developmental stages.What happens in a car accident?

There are three stages in a car accident.

1. Car impact

When a car hits an external object, it stops and slows sharply.

2. Personal impact

But people in the car will continue to move in the direction of the car unless something stops them.Without restraint, the occupants would bump into hard objects, such as seats, dashboards or other passengers, and even pop out of the Windows.This can lead to serious injury and even death.

3. Internal shock

In a car accident, the gut hits the bone and causes damage.

Even if a person's body is fixed, the arms, legs, head and viscera will continue to shock until the force disappears.

Impacted by high speed, can impact on the surrounding bone and soft tissue organs damage, the impact to the skull in the brain, lung impact to the chest, liver and stomach dirty hit the spine, heart hit the sternum and so on.

Look at the main differences between infants and adults from child safety seats.

What does the security constraint system do?

Safety restraint systems include adult seatbelts and child car safety seats - with three design objectives:

In a car accident, the body does not collide with the car body.

In the controllable range, inhibit the body movement impulse.

The impact of the collision is dispersed to the solid body parts, and the soft tissue damage is minimized.

Why should children not use adult seat belts?

Adult seatbelts are designed to stabilize adults and prevent damage. They can shift the impact of the impact to the solid pelvis and ribs of an adult.

However, children's body is not tall enough, adult seat belt is not fixed properly the shoulders and pelvis, and children's bones are not strong enough, also can't withstand the impact of the crash, internal organs as children.

Proper car seats can provide security for children as they grow and change.

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