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Mistaken use of car safety seat
Jun 28, 2017

Error 1: The baby faces the front car prematurely

The baby must face back to the bus before she is one years old and weighs less than 9 kilograms. These two conditions must be met at the same time to allow the baby to face the car. Let the baby sit in front of the back, in case of a car accident, the baby's body the hardest part of the back will be better than other parts of the impact. If the face faces, once the tragedy occurs, the baby's relatively heavy head will be first, not fully developed spine can not well protect the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis or death threat.

Error 2: The security seat bundle is not tight enough

After the safety seat is strapped to the car seat belt, grab the bottom of the safety seat, try to shake the front and the left and right, if the shaking range is more than 2.5 centimeters, this means that the safety seat is not tightly tied. At this point you should kneel in the car seat, the whole body weight up, try to fasten the seat belt. Then lock the seatbelt buckle Shang This is a link that many parents will ignore.

Error 3: Install the car seat in the copilot position

The baby will be at least 13 years old to sit in the copilot's seat. This is entirely for security reasons, because once a car crashes, people who sit in this position tend to get hurt most easily.

Error 4: Forget to lock the tie rope of the safety seat on the back of the car.

Car lock Buckle is buried in the seat, so parents sometimes mistakenly put other devices as a lock, use must not make such a mistake. The position of the car lock that matches the tether of the safety seat is not the same as the Shang. Some cars are mounted on the floor, some on the roof, some under the seat, some in the trunk. Read the car manual carefully and find the correct way to use it. Finally, be sure to tighten all your seat belts.

Error 5: Ignore the height of the baby when facing the post-ride position.

Read the car seat instructions carefully, one is about the height of the baby when facing the ride. The baby's head must be at least 2.5 centimeters lower than the car seat. If the baby's height is outside the safe range, it means you should replace or adjust the car seat.

Error 6: The baby's seat belt is too loose

If you can squeeze your seat belts between your fingers, you'll need to check your seatbelt if you're wearing it. If the baby's seatbelt is loose, when the car crashes, the baby is likely to fall out, bump it inside the car, or bump into other passengers, causing injuries. So keep in mind that the seat belts should be tightly fastened and must not be slack.

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