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Misunderstanding using baby car seat
Apr 27, 2018

With the improvement of people's safety awareness, many young parents will buy safety seats for children, but there are still many mistakes in the use of children's safety seats.

With the improvement of people's safety awareness, the country has also released the latest "quality standards for children's seats", and many parents in China will buy children's safety seats for children.However, there are many mistakes in the use of children's safety seats. Today we will talk about this topic.

1st: choose a child safety seat by age.

Phenomenon: now a lot of children's products will be marked for X to XX years old children, whether it is a common children's products such as toys, food, so many parents buy children need inertia when the product will be in accordance with the age to buy.In fact, it is not so, it needs to be considered in terms of child development.

Children's safety seats are useless!Owners of these mistakes must know.

Actual: child safety seat is a special case, however, because of children's growth and development speed is different, the same age height and weight difference is also obvious, therefore in order to better adapt to the use of children, our children safety seat to undertake choosing according to the child's height and weight, age is nothing more than an auxiliary reference, can not buy as the basis.

2nd: the harder the material, the stronger.

Phenomenon: the purpose of selecting children's safety seats is to ensure the safety of children.Many parents mistakenly believe that the harder the material is, the better the child's protection will be, or some post-press deformation but the fastest recovery will be the best protection for the child.

Actual: and the actual situation is not the case, parents should be the preferred collision deformation serious products, the materials of the deformation of serious and can't rebound quickly to better absorb the impact force after collision, avoid harm the child.So you can use your fingers to press on the child's seat surface, and there is no quick rebound in the sag that is more recommended, and the products that are hard to make are not recommended.

3rd: children with large age span are very practical.

Phenomenon: many parents feel that their children's things are still in place, you will be more expensive, a purchase of a good province change.As a result, the big age span seats on the market are best sold, until the age of 12, which is also the highlight of many businesses.

Children's safety seats are useless!Owners of these mistakes must know.

Actual: the disadvantages of large age span is not very good balance of all ages characteristic demand, on the design and function of pertinence and both can make some discount, so there is a condition of parents or priority according to the age to choose the appropriate seats, so for the safety of children more favorable.Some industry insiders have suggested that before the age of 12, at least two different age groups of seats should be used, and the situation should be avoided as much as possible.

4th: the seat interface is universal.

Phenomenon: many car owners believe that the car seat interface is the same, so you can buy seats just by looking at the style material.

Actual: and now for sale in the market of safety seat interface is divided into the standard and American standard, European standard interface two fixed, American standard is fixed at three vehicle interface is not exactly the same, some models also need to add a card buckle to normal installation seat, therefore must understand when buying the vehicle interface forms, avoid to use.

5th: child safety seats are always installed.

Phenomenon: because of the children's bone development is not perfect, such as cervical lumbar region is very fragile, in order to avoid the vehicle braking force of cervical vertebra oppression and influence in areas such as, children's seat as far as possible to install, avoid cervical stress.

Actual: but the back row space of each model is different, and the children also continues to grow, so you cannot blindly use safety seats according to flip, or according to specific space, children's age, and physical development situation.In general infants and young children, use the safety seat inversion method, do not blindly use children's seats in the long run.

 6th: safety seats run at high speeds or long distances.

Phenomenon: the use of our country for child safety seat is not mandatory, so many of our parents for a long time, a baby is born with car needs to consider when choose a seat to use.

Actual: children seat itself is a bondage, children sit inside must not directly in the car, so to use safety seat in the bus for the first time, develop good driving habits.In addition, some parents feel the city open slowly, no seat is just as well, on the high-speed running a long distance in the use of seat is ok, it is very dangerous, seats should be used with the car, the car must be used to ensure the safety.

7th: you can use an increase pad for short trips.

Phenomenon: some taller children use safety seat will be a little cramped, parents usually give their increased use cushion, factory will be equipped with higher pad now some models for the use of some big kids.

Children's safety seats are useless!Owners of these mistakes must know.

The use of actual: heighten pad have strict request to the child's height, some parents conveniently with higher mat instead of safety seat to use, or the city increased short use cushion, long-distance high-speed use safety seat, this method is not desirable, but they may also increase the risk coefficient.

8th: children's safety seats are free of cleaning.

Phenomenon: parents who use safety seats often ignore a problem, which is the safety of the seat.And the seat also needs to be washed regularly, otherwise the bacteria on it is a threat to the child's health.

Instructions on the use of the actual: usually seats would have marked disassembly and cleaning method, but the appearance of safety seat no strict cleaning cycle, parents can be used in accordance with the regular check cleaning frequency, keep clean.

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