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PP and HDPE materials for producing safety baby car seats
Apr 18, 2018

The chair body of the child safety seat is in the car collision and abrupt stop, whch will bear the tremendous force, so the strength of the chair body and so on the performance of every aspect is most important.

There are seven different plastic we use in our lives.According to the material properties of various plastics, the engineers unanimously chose PP polypropylene and HDPE HDPE as the seat material for children's safety seats.

If you look at it, we'll see that we're buying a child safety seat with a triangle arrow on it and a number in it.The triangular arrowhead of this sign means that the plastic can be recycled, and the number in it represents the type of plastic.HDPE HDPE is 2, PP polypropylene is 5.

PS: the clock arrow mark refers to the date of production, for example, the production date shown above is March 2014.The life of the safety seat generally is about 5 years, so when the seat buys back, must pay attention to check these signs.

PP polypropylene vs HDPE HDPE.

PP polypropylene and HDPE HDPE have a wide range of properties and applications. We only make some simple differences and introductions to the safety seats.

1. PP is generally used for high-end seats, while HDPE is often used in middle and low-end seats.

2. The injection molding process is generally used in PP seats.HDPE is used for injection molding and blow molding, and some of the HDPE injection molding will strengthen its strength with steel frame.

3. Both are food grade environmental protection materials, but the grade of PP is higher.

4. The hardness of PP is higher, the surface is smoother, HDPE is easy to have scratches, and the surface is rougher than PP.

5. The strength, hardness and elasticity of PP are higher than HDPE, and HDPE is more resilient than PP.

7. The appearance and appearance of PP seats are mostly white. HDPE is mostly black or colorful.

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