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Quality Judgment of car safety seat for children
Jun 28, 2017

1. Brand recognition. Safety seat as a product that is closely related to children's life safety, safety can be the most important; there are brands, large brands of product quality of the general quality is relatively guaranteed, but some big brands also have quality problems, suggest to look at the relevant test report, the following is two CCTV reports, or more authoritative: 2013 CCTV "life early reference" to detect the relevant brand exposure of safety seats, as well as 2015 Zhejiang entry-Exit inspection and Quarantine bureau imported safety seats were exposed by those unqualified brands.

2. See if there is a 3C certification and whether there is ECE certification. There are these test-certified seat descriptions through security testing, different certifications have different levels of rigor. 3C certification is mandatory in China, ECE certification has several kinds, generally speaking E1, E4 certification requirements are relatively high, through the two certification of the safety of the seat can generally be more secure.

3. Cloth and Material safety judgment: This can be judged from the commodity evaluation: whether there is a stimulating odor, cloth sets or material whether there is a related non-toxic certification, fire-retardant certification and so on.

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