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Safety position for children's seat -- which is the safest seat to install?
Nov 27, 2017

          Safety position for children's seat -- which is themost safe seat to install?

First of all, the children's seat is absolutely not installed in the car's copilot position. This is prohibited by the laws of various countries. Because this place is not safe when there are always traffic accidents, the driver's survival instinct will be in the driver's position to collide. The airbag in the front row which is extremely  dangerous.

Which one inthe rear row is the safest place to install?

1, the middle rear position: usually no child seat interface general child seat interface was first distributed in both sides, the middle position is the most unsafe, if the brakes or other emergency situations, the child may be rushed to the front seat, may have two damage.

2, the driver's rear position: driver position is relatively safe, but when temporary parking, bicycles, electric vehicles and other vehicles will pass this way, it is not suitable for long time keeping the door open.

3, vice driver position: rear driver position is relatively safe position, the risk of taking out a child from the car is relatively small. Another reason is that the driver in the copilot position can clearly observe the situation of the children in the rear row.

Therefore, we can judge the position of the rear seat position of the copilot is more suitable for installing the child safety seat.

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