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The advantage of five-point seatbelt safety baby car seat
Apr 16, 2018

As we all know, children's safety seats have both front and five-point seatbelts. Why do we believe that the five-point seat belt is the safest option?It is understood that the five-point seat belt is more comfortable than the front protector.In all five-point seatbelts, seat belts are held between the shoulders, the hips, and between the legs.Seat belts can be attached to the pelvis (hip and hip), shoulder and chest (shoulder strap).

According to the investigation, the main reasons for choosing the safety seat of the five-point seat belt are as follows:

1, safety: speed five point seat belt child safety seat can reduce process to ensure energy controllable, and scatter force to the body more strong bones (shoulders, hips and pelvis) and seat.

2. Customized for children: the five-point safety seat can be adjusted to fit the child perfectly and comfortably.

3. Always provide the best protection: the actual accidents include all kinds of collision, head-on collision, side collision, collision of rear-end collision and tipping, or all kinds of collisions at the same time.Children's safety seats need to be designed to meet all of these collision requirements to provide appropriate protection.

What are the advantages of a child safety seat in a five-point seatbelt system?

Five point child safety seat belt system has greatly reduced the forces of children suffered in the accident, because the force along the seat belt system from contact with the seat of the children scattered five points.When belts make children deceleration, seat belt formed by a larger buffer to reduce the displacement of the shoulders and hips and spine under less pressure and all kinds of force transfer out from all the major organs of the body parts.If the car tilting, side impact collision or bias, all kinds of vertical, horizontal or deflecting force may enable the occupant is thrown or slippage, and shoulder strap and hip belt to avoid the risk and make children safely on the seat.

The safest solution is to keep car seat for your child and car.

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