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The European new most important standard to be I-size
May 17, 2018

The new European standard I -Size will be the only standard for child safety seats!

In today's children car safety seat is widely accepted by parents, the safe travel public opinion environment also gradually formed China.The standard science of safe seats is not yet in place.As our reporter learned, most parents today are looking at the ECE R44 standard to choose safety seats for their children.In fact, as early as 2013, Europe has introduced the latest i-size standard to replace the ECE R44 standard in order to comprehensively improve the safety factor of children's travel.

The new i-size standard has the following features:

1. The age of post-installation is increased from 9 months to 25 months;

2. Newly added side protection collision requirements;

3. Only accept seats with ISOFIX interface to reduce the risk of installation errors;

Use height instead of weight as the standard for grouping.

The i-size standard comprehensively promotes the child safety travel index.

At present, the parents often prematurely will change to positive (9 months) in the chair, and I - Size standards make babies must stay in reverse type seat to 15 months old, backward in time, the longer the more security.Second, for parents, they are more likely to know the height of the children, rather than the weight, I - Size classification of standards will seat by weight to height, this makes the parents to decide which child seat is suitable for their children, when in large level seat much easier.Finally, 45 percent of the collisions in the car crash came from the side, and the i-size standard test included side protection tests to ensure that the seats provided good protection when a side collision occurred.

I -Size was officially entered into force in July 2013, and is now running parallel to ECE R44 standard. The industry has assumed that, by 2018, I -Size will replace ECE R44 as the only safe seat travel standard.

Now the global safety seat manufacturers are actively adjust the I - Size seat the research and development and design, parents seat when the choose and buy, should also consider using I - as far as possible the Size standard of children's car seats.

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