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The function of baby car seat
Apr 11, 2018

How to ensure the safety of the baby?Many people think of "baby safety seats" for the first time.With the introduction of new regulations in Shanghai, car owners are considering the issue and starting to understand the comparison of children's seat products with different brands on the market.So what does a child's chair do?Does it really keep the kids safe?Here, YKObaby has interpreted this.

It is found that car in the process of driving, in the event of accident, because of the impact force and gravity are prone to turn over, at this time if there is no baby safety seat which are associated with car collision rush out together, the risk is extremely high.But after having a seat, it can fix the child seat, at the same time, the seat belt can reduce children scattered forces suffered in the accident, so as to provide security.

Providing you with better service, safety seat r&d company in the process of study the baby safety seat, will give full consideration to the growth of children, such as the branch is out with the penguins' legion, space castle, different age groups of other products, such as the sea king shield fleet, respectively applicable to 0 to 12 years old.

Nowadays, although the baby safety seat has been widely used, many parents still have questions: cars have airbags, can't children use them?Experts say: certainly not!Because car seat belts and airbags are for adult's height, such as car seat belts, its minimum height limit of 140 cm, the location of the seat belt shoulder belt in the collar bone and chest, but small relative to the height of the baby, just the pressure in the neck, neck is carotid and trachea, really had a car accident, not only failed to protect the baby, cause oppression trachea, cause choking, oppress carotid artery, cause brain ischemia, and even cause the cut of the carotid artery injury, life-threatening.Therefore, the baby needs to use the baby safety seat specially designed for the safety design of the baby.

After knowing the importance of the baby's safety seat, you can start from the design level and comfort level to see whether the functional design of each product meets the safety requirements.The baby is the future of the family. It is the responsibility of every parent to ensure the safety of the baby's travel. Choose the suitable baby seat and provide the safety guarantee for each baby.

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