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What is the difference between child safety car seat and ordinary car seat
May 24, 2018

Right now parents pay more attention in child safety seats choosing and buying , then there is always such a question: what is the difference bwtween child safety seats and ordinary car seats?

First of all, children's safety seats are smaller than ordinary car seats in terms of appearance specifications.No matter the height, width, length, children's safety seats are smaller, more suitable for children's body shape.Also because of this specification, a child safety seat can be used to fix a car seat.

Child safety seat

From the point of protection, the protection of the child safety seat function more comprehensive, both front collision, side collision, rear collision or cartwheel, can have the effect of a certain damage modifier, and ordinary car seats in this aspect is a bit weak.Common car seat with on-board three-point seatbelt use, and now the child safety seat generally use five point seat belt or lead protector for fixed, stress points scattered after the protective effect is better.Of course, because the car seat belt is only applicable to children over 140cm tall, the use of children with insufficient height will be twice hurt when the vehicle is in distress.

From the fabric, the common car seats with leather fabrics, although very comfortable, but relatively smooth, less friction, when the vehicle collision, passengers will be more big, the forward displacement for the neck has a certain pressure.And the child safety seat USES polyester fiber fabric commonly, the friction that produces is bigger, can reduce the range of forward displacement effectively.

In addition, there are some differences in the details.If the head pillow part, the child safety seat will be more than the ordinary seat to protect;

Generally speaking, although ordinary car seats and child safety seats while use car seats, but the child safety seat is more targeted products, specifications, functions, fabrics or details, from the children's safety.In order to ensure the safety of children, it is necessary to equip children with child safety seats.

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