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What is the meaning of child safety seats and is it necessary to choose child safety seats
Dec 04, 2017

What is the meaning of child safety seats and is it necessary to choose safety seats

1、The meaning of child safety seats

The safety seat is designed for children of different weight (or age) and which is installed in the car, which can effectively improve the safety of children


The meaning of  ECE R44/04 (Netherlands) is which can be fixed to the motor vehicles, seat belt with ISOFIX interface component or flexible components, regulating mechanism, attachment child safety protection system, etc.In the case of car crash or sudden deceleration, it can reduce the pressure on children and limit the movement of children and thereby reduce the harm to them.

2、Is it necessory to choose suitable child safety car seats

According to the traffic accident statistics, the infant mortality rate of children who have not installed children's safety seats in the car is eight times that of the children's safety seat, and three times about injury rate.

Contrary to popular belief,  parent's knee are actually the most dangerous place for a child. A car with the speed of 48 kilometers an hour, if it crashes, a 9kg child will produce about 275 kilograms of force in an instant.The most important way to ensure the safety of children is to purchase qualified car safety seats.

When the car crashes or breaks down at 50km/h, the object in the car will generate 30 to 40 times the impact of its own weight.If the baby is 10kg, the impact will be 300-400kg, and it will happen suddenly, and the baby will fly out.

The seat belts on the car are designed according to adult standards, which are suitable for adults weighing 36kg or more than 140cm.If the baby is used, the seat belt may be stuck around the baby's neck, and the damage to the baby will be greater in the event of an accident.

So it's very necessary to choose child safety seat.


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