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Which brand of baby car seat is better
Apr 13, 2018

What is the brand of child safety seat, how about the price of child safety seat?How to choose the safest child safety seat?For many couples who want to buy a child's safety seat, it's a bit of a headache.But, this also is a big problem, It is a tragedy if they buy expensive but not safe.

So, let's talk a little bit about child safety seats.

1. What ischild safety seat?

A child safety seat is a seat that is attached to a car seat for children to ride on and has a binding device and can be used to limit the safety of children in the event of a car accident.

2. Why do we use child safety seats?

Car safety measures such as seat belts and airbags almost is designed according to adult size, weight, fasten your seat belt sat in the front seat if the children, because children's bodies, weight is different from adults, so if use specially designed for adult and children's safety facilities, not only cannot reduce damage instead of it may actually increase the harm of children.Maybe I can see some people here asking questions, kids riding in the car, I can't hold it, so much safety, even if there is an accident, I can protect him!I'm very sorry, if you still do that now, so you don't protect your children is to harm him, because of the traffic accident is a sudden, but at the time of accident of reaction rate always lagged behind the speed of the accident.If an adult child in her arms, at the time of accident even if the airbag don't bounce off, children are equal to act as the role of airbags, so adults can inadvertently became a threat to the underlying causes of children's life!

3. How are child safety seats classified?

The classification of child safety seats according to the types of fixed way to distinguish, is divided into three types: the European standard ISOFIX fixed way, American standard LATCH fixed way and fixed way belt.

Children's safety seats are classified into five categories according to their age and weight.

Classification 1: for newborns up to 15 months (or between 2.2 kg and 13 kg)

The safety seat is suitable for babies from newborns to 15 months of age (or between 2.2 kilograms and 13 kilograms).This type of child safety seat usually has a swinging bottom and a handle that can be used as a handbasket

Classification 2: suitable for newborns up to 4 years old (or weighing 2.2kg to 18kg)

The design also offers two functions: first for newborns up to nine months of age, and then for children aged nine months to four years old.The seat, though unswayed, portable and combined with a wheelbarrow can be fixed in the car and can be used for a long time.This is a good choice if you want to save some money.In addition, this seat on the use of it is important to note that the newborn to 9 months, the babies need to reverse installation seat 9 months to 4 years old of newborns is installed, but is installed, there are two necessary conditions: the first is the children's weight in 9 kg;The second child can do it by himself.

Classification 3: suitable for children between 1 and 4 years old (or between 9 kg and 18 kg)

This child USES car safety seat, design is simple, do not have former seat so much complex function, suit big child to use.

Child safety seat for baby.

Classification 4: for children aged 1 to 12 (or children weighing between 9kg and 36kg)

This seat is an interesting combination products, is a specially designed for toddlers children (aged from 1 to 4) prepared seat and removable seat this seat belt and directly use an adult seat belt, available to 12 years old.You don't need to replace any other car seats.The downside of this product is that children ages 1 and 12 are quite different, so they're not too comfortable for smaller babies.

Classification 5: for children aged 3 to 12 (or children weighing between 15 kg and 36 kg)

Car safety seat cushion is indispensable!After the age of four, many parents believe that children can no longer use car seat cushions.But the findings suggest that children's bodies are too small to use adult seatbelts, which can be dangerous if they happen.Car seat cushions are usually not expensive, and it is best not to save on them.

In addition, it is important to note that if the child safety seat can be installed in reverse, it must be installed in reverse, because the installation can maximize the safety of children.

4. How should we choose children's safety seats?

After the classification, you must be eager to know how to choose a good child safety seat.Selection of child safety seats in addition to choose according to children's stature and weight, the most important thing is to see if the selected child safety seat installation is convenient, the brand is hard enough, the material and the inspection level.Buy child safety seat is meant to protect the safety of the children ride, but if the installation is very complex, and it is not easy to fixed firmly, child safety seat is not protection, even in the case of accident will endanger the safety of children.

As for the brand, the more famous child safety seat manufacturer in the world mainly have CONCORD in Germany, Italy kiwy, American diono, Germany kiddies and YKO baby, of course you must buy until the real thing will be more safe, the site of the products belong to the day the cat quality goods shop, generally there is no fake and shoddy products, there is demand of Internet users can click on the image to view the specific details.

In addition to choose the brand, the material of child safety seat is also very important, first of all, can not choose the irritating odor material, the child safety seat stimulating odour means can let young children produce don't adapt to move at the same time also is likely to stimulate children's tender skin.Next, want to choose comfortable breathable to carry on the fabric of fireproof treatment, so children sit in just can feel very comfortable and safe.Finally, the most important thing is the interior of the car seat padding, good child safety seats will use high quality material of EPS, and inferior child safety seats just use ordinary foam plastics

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