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Which kind of car seat is suitable for infant baby
May 29, 2018

Which kind of car seat is suitable for a baby?Baby is suitable for car seats and other different ages, their physical structure is different, suitable safety seat nature is different, now about how in the heck is suitable for baby safety seat.

Within one year of age, 13 kg infants and young children to use shopping basket type safety seat and must reverse installation, this is because the infant part such as cervical spine, the skull is very fragile, and the head weight accounts for almost 50% of the weight.If it is installed in the same direction as the car seat, the child will lean forward, shift the center of gravity forward and move his head forward during the emergency braking, which is easy to be hurt.So be sure to install the seat in the opposite direction, so that to meet the same situation, the infant stress because of inertia is pressed on the seat, the seat can have very good foil effect, to ensure the safety in infants.And, on the other hand, seat reversals are also better for parents to take care of their children.The child safety chair of the basket type also needs a set of supporting bracket base to realize the reverse installation.

Baby car seats are usually fitted with rocking bottoms that allow children to relax at friends' homes, restaurants and other places.This seat also has a handle, which can be used as a handbasket.If you're using a baby car seat, you'll have to buy a bigger one when your child gets older.

Still, about two-thirds of parents buy baby car seats because they can be moved and portable.Some baby car safety seats can also be used with trolleys, so as not to disturb the sleeping baby between the trolley and the car, the design is very flexible.

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