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Why baby car seat can't be flatable
May 14, 2018

Many parents are thinking why children's car seats can't lie flat when they buy a child's safety seat.Is it comfortable for a baby to sleep in it?In fact, engineers are designing children's safety seats because of these factors.

Firstly, the child car safety seat cannot lie flat reason.

Children's car seats if completely flat, when the vehicle collision, the impact will be the main role in the head and neck of children, serious still can suffocation caused by the accident in the turbulence, it reduces the degree of safety.As a result, child safety seat can't lie low is mainly for security reasons, erect or a certain Angle, the back will be dissipated in children due to vehicle collision impact, more safety and reliable.

Secondly. Children's car seats cannot be comfortable.

Many parents are not completely flat when they are holding their children, but they have a high hand and a low hand. When children learn to sit, they are asked to sit upright.The Angle design of the child safety seat is also designed according to the children's most comfortable Angle in daily life, so the comfort is also guaranteed.On the other hand, in the case of lying flat, a bumpy ride can cause a child's waist discomfort.

Thirdly, the child car safety seat incline how much appropriate.

In general, the baby safe shopping basket Angle can a bit bigger, probably between 135-170 degrees, and the baby more than 13 kg, general child safety seats more comfortable Angle is not greater than 140 degrees.Many children's safety seats support multiple Angle adjustment, and parents can choose a suitable Angle according to their baby's situation.

To sum up, neither safety nor comfort is appropriate for a safe seat.In order to ensure the safety of the baby's car, we must give him a safe car seat with reasonable design and quality.

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