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Why should back forward installation of baby car seat
May 09, 2018

Reasons for the back forward installation of car seats for children:

Dirstly, It is because the infant's head weight for about a quarter of the weight, if is installed seat, at the time of the collision of infants and young children the head neck forward, fragile to bear large pulling force of cervical vertebra, more dangerous.When the car seat of the reverse installation is in collision, the back of the chair can better support the head and neck, thus providing better protection and cushioning effect.Has a set of human body model test data, test at 50 km/H speed, collision caused by the neck of the load of 300 kg, and medical evaluation on infants and young children the neck can withstand the maximum load of 130 kg, and after using reverse installation of seat cushion, collision produced by the load is less than 80 kg.

Secondly, children's car seats prior to installation of risk is very big, but the neck overload and injury, and death which can lead to cerebral palsy skull and face also can because of debris and are in danger of being hurt, internal organs also can because of safety belt protection, tighten their baby in the stomach and the risk of injury.The risk of installing a child's car seat is reduced accordingly.

Thirdly. When is the child going to be in the child safety seat?Due to backforward installation of car seat will have a better protective effect, so the professional advice from personnel of course of study, infants and young children as much as possible, has been using reverse installation of children's car seats, until can't ride, or at least also want to forward to install later to two and a half years old children's car safety seats, will be beneficial to infants and young children's safety and development.

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