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Why Using Child Safety Seat
Nov 08, 2017

In fact, many parents don't know much about child safety seat, or even how to use the child safety seat. Why use child safety seat? What are the benefits of using child safety seat? Here is a brief introduction to the use and benefits of child safety seat.


Many people are used to carrying babies in their hands, thinking it's the best protection for babies. Actually otherwise, in the high speed collision force is actually no one can afford, according to the practical study found that when the 10 kilograms child of 50 miles an hour on the confronted with positive impact, due to the effect of inertia moment can produce 300 Newton's impact force, neither an adult is power embrace a child in this case, children will suddenly fly out.


Safety measures such as seat belts and airbags are designed to be based on an adult's body size and weight, but it becomes a "killer" for children. Due to the children's immature bone and height, shape development has not been perfect, if direct use of the car seat belt, when the car collision, obliquely across the body seat belt can cause children's chest rib fracture, even neck fracture risk of suffocation.


The airbag can be a lifesaver for an adult at critical moments, but it also becomes a "killer" for children. When a car crashes, the impact of the airbag instantly opens up, like a heavy blow to the face, which can easily result in the risk of choking or neck fracture in infants.


Therefore, it is completely wrong to think that adult seat belts, airbags and adults can protect child’s safety at dangerous times! It is necessary and important to use the child safety seat, which has the function of adult seat belt, airbag and adult irreplaceable.

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