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Nine Key Points For Children's Car Safety Seats Purchase
Jun 28, 2017

The best child safety seats must be suitable for your baby's weight, height, and match with the car, and can be easily and securely installed; These three points are the basic essentials for child safety seating.

1. Be sure to purchase the appropriate child car safety seat according to your baby's weight and age; Please note that according to the European ECE R44 Safety Certification standard, child safety seats are classified according to weight, not age.

2. Before you choose to know what kind of child-safe seat-fixing system is installed on your car, is it ISOFIX? Latch? Or what kind of anchor system is not, but also to understand the number and location of the anchor point. Buy a child-safe seat with a solid anchor system in your car. Of course, if you choose only seat belts fixed installation, then no matter which kind of anchor system can be, as long as the back seat with a seat belt device can be.

3. Baby in the different weight, age, height stage, the best for the baby to buy different children car safety seats.

4. In the human body fixed way, please choose the car safety seat with five-point seatbelt or front guard, which can provide more safety for your baby.

5. Children's car safety seats with excellent side protection systems are worth choosing.

6. Be sure to pay attention to the details of the child's safety seat, especially the seatbelt and lock, the seat belt must be able to play a binding role, the lock buckle need to be strong and durable, and the child can not open himself.

7. Please pay attention to purchase fabrics, structural materials, safety protection materials, materials must be environmentally friendly, non-toxic, breathable; Safety performance must be excellent for children's car safety seats.

8. You'd better drive when you buy, try and install the safety seat in your car. And it is best to take the baby together, if online shopping, please choose to accept the return of the seller.

9. Do not buy second-hand child car safety seats, second-hand seats in the security aspect is not trustworthy.

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