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Several Types Of Automobile Neck Pillow
Jun 28, 2017

1. Slow Rebound neck pillow

The internal filler of the neck pillow is polyurethane pu slow rebound memory sponge, can absorb the body weight, feel like floating in the air. It follows your body shape rather than the sponge and polyester wool against your body. They provide complete support for the body and neck and waist by letting the spine and joints rest in their natural physical state. In accordance with ergonomic design, reduce the impact of sudden braking on the neck and head during driving to protect your safety. At the same time can effectively alleviate the fatigue caused by long-term driving.

2. Bamboo charcoal Type Car neck pillow

Bamboo charcoal pillow appearance and common neck pillow is the same, its pillow core is made from natural bamboo high temperature fired, has the magical adsorption ability, not only can remove the smelly humidity, maintains the neck the dry and comfortable, and has the far-infrared effect, promotes the neck blood circulation, eliminates the journey bumps the fatigue, also can clean the vehicle the dirty air, eliminates the peculiar smell, also the car inside the air fresh. Use must remember the regular drying pillow core, can make bamboo charcoal active regeneration.

3. Natural Latex neck Pillow

Latex neck pillow selection of natural latex as a pillow material, soft and full of elasticity, comfortable feel like skin. Good ventilation, the distribution of heat and moisture in the neck, so that the neck to keep fresh, especially in the summer to use cool and comfortable. At the same time, soft and extremely flexible texture, can adapt to the driver's posture and pressure points, adjust the appropriate support, and to resolve the pressure damage, to protect the neck has a significant help.

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