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Three Common Mistakes In Choosing Children's Safety Seats
Jun 28, 2017

1. Buy a child safety seat with an age span

From the network sales survey shows that the trial about 9 months $number years old children's safety seat sales most, many parents think the longer the more the value of the purchase, in fact, Xiao Bian told you that the child safety seats are also valid, generally speaking, the service life of the safety seat is 5, 6 years, 6 years later, as the most main material of child safety seat toughened plastic will also be aging, corrosion, screws and other accessories will also loose, so that the safety seat no longer has security performance, but become a child killer, So the safety seat after a certain number of years, be sure to replace the new.

2. Children's safety seats are unsafe with seat belts

Perhaps many parents think that only safety seats with a child-safe seat-fixing system are safest, such as the German ISOFIX, the American latch, that the only direct connection to the car seat is more secure, Xiao Bian told you, oh, is actually a child safety seat expert tips, in fact, with ISOFIX installed safety seat more secure reason body now, ISOFIX fixed anchor system installation is very convenient, and not prone to install errors, and the seat belt installation is more troublesome, according to investigation, with seat belts installed about more than 50% of parents will be installed errors, installation errors can lead to a decrease in safety factor, and the potential safety hazard. Generally speaking, the safety of the car seat belt is properly installed and installed with ISOFIX or latch. Of course, there are experts in this respect, but many of the foreign child Safety seat brand models, which are certified by ECE $literal and Germany ADAC, are used to install the car seat belts in a fixed way.

3. Children after age 4 also use a secure seat with a ISOFIX interface.

Mom and Dad, you know what? After 4 years of age, the baby, the weight of more than 18KG, generally speaking, children's safety seat of the body with a fixed five-point seat belt is not applicable, most of the safety seats will be used in the car seat belts on the human body and the safety of the seat together this time the safety belt security performance can play its role, so, this stage with the ISOFIX fixed anchor system to fix the child safety seat is not too much necessary, so, 4 years old baby, can directly buy safety seat increase cushion to achieve the seat belt to the body height requirements, attention, parents must ensure that the car seat belt to the baby buckle, the seat belt must be under the neck, and placed in the middle of the baby's shoulders. Therefore, do not need to be demanding after the 4-year-old baby also use ISOFIX fixed installation of child safety seats.

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